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Parent Testiomonials-Youth Players

Parker was with you this past summer for two keeper camps. He just found out this evening that he is the ONLY 6th grader to make his middle school soccer team as a keeper. He is (as you would imagine) very excited. And what's even cooler?? He's always saying, "Well Celia says this," or "Celia said that." He thoroughly enjoyed learning from you and it really paid off!! So thank you so much for all that you do.
- U12 Recreational Goalkeeper

As a parent, I've seen my daughter grow into a top goalkeeper while working with Celia. But more importantly, Celia also played a part in helping her become a confident young woman both on and off the field.
-U15 ECNL Goalkeeper

Coach Mosier worked with my daughter beginning at U9 through U11 but continued to mentor her even after she was no longer coaching at her club. She not only laid a foundation of skill for my daughter, she fostered a positive learning environment. Coach Mosier taught her critical thinking, confidence and responsibility. She helped her see the field in different way and encouraged teamwork and communication. Coach Mosier provided a fun environment with high expectations of full attention and effort. She taught my daughter skills that she could build on as she moved through the age groups and now to a full field, 11 v 11. Coach Mosier is a natural mentor with a variety of experience to share and inspire young players. She will forever be a coach that my daughter will look up to and aspire to be.
-U14 Travel Goalkeeper

My son started training with Celia at age 11. He was very athletic, brave and enjoyed the game. He had not had consistent keeper training until Celia worked with him at PWSI 4 hours a week, sometimes even more.

Celia had to figure out his strengths, weaknesses, personality and ways to motivate him. She did that with ease. What he lacked technically, he gained with her as his coach. She made him into a total package of strength, mentally, physically as well as technically. In addition to making him a better player, better teenager, son, brother and teammate, Celia also taught him how to teach others the correct way to tend the goal.

When he wasn't challenged by games or coaches in certain situations, she taught him ways to challenge himself; to be better and make those around him better. She did this for him and it translated from on the field to off the field. He learned how to work hard and do the right things.
Training was fun because she demanded perfection from them and rewarded them when they deserved it. Celia doesn't tolerate anyone wasting time at training so all the keepers that train with her, train hard and make each other better.

Over holidays and school vacations, when most kids are playing video games, going to the beach or hanging out with friends, the majority of Celia's keepers, call her and beg her to train. Anywhere, anytime. Even if it means driving 90 minutes to find her when she has a spare hour between her own team's training. It is always well worth it. He always learns from her, works hard and enjoys the sessions.

The difference between Celia and all the other trainers out there..... Celia is rare... she coaches them in life... not just in the goal. She truly cares about every one of the kids and wants the very best for them.... and for the game. She gives them all the tools to make themselves successful.

Celia is an "IMPACT" player for any club, program, team or individual. She steps in and immediately makes a difference!
-U15/16 USDA Goalkeeper

Parent Testimonials-Collegiate Players

As the parents of a Division 1 ACC goalkeeper you naturally assume they should be the one giving the training not the one needing it, but this summer we learned just how valuable it can be when provided by someone that really knows what they are doing. But why should that be a surprise, the greatest athletes in their sport, like Tiger Woods, regularly receive training and individual coaching , so why would a college athlete be any different.

From the first training session, our daughter Blayne raved about the quality and intensity or her time with Celia. Quite simply put, she could tell Celia knew what she was doing. Through evaluation and feedback from Blayne, Celia quickly identified development opportunities and tailored her training sessions around them. What most impressed us as parents was that not only did Blayne see the results and talk about them, we saw such a huge change in her belief in her own abilities as they worked to fix the little things with her game that bothered her so much. Yet, as important as it is for a trainer/coach to find areas of improvement, it is just as important for them to identify strengths and reinforce those, and Celia did just that. Blayne left for school with a newfound confidence in herself and her game and Celia to thank for it.
Mark & Dani Fink
Parents of Blayne Fink #00 Virginia Tech Women’s Soccer

Celia Mosier has been a tremendous asset to our daughter's soccer experience and continues to be her favorite coach. Celia is a model mentor/coach and always looks to pull out the best in her players. She is fun, personable and extremely knowledgeable in all facets of the beautiful game. My daughter owes her D1 college experience partly to Celia who has guided her through the process. I would not hesitate to have Celia as her coach again and feel very fortunate that she was able to have this experience.
-Bruce Peck

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